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Ok the software: how can you mix two screens on a laptop. First of all I'd need to know what kind of laptop and then work on the easiest way to alter a full screen and feed in different things. I could write something that took in key presses and read in a file being written on the network on another computer, and show it. It could be in html so that the text itself could show up in different fonts at the discretion of the writer, but also adapted by the visual editor, displaying it across the screen in readable (or unreadable depending on what's happening) and colourful, shapely format in time or in concordance with a video event. So timing text movement would be cool - it would have to be object oriented and have different objects as effects subclasses of a generic thing that just does the hard work, so that effects can easily place text in a box (and now a completely unrelated link - Outdoor 25 Beat Sound Symbiot Arduino Code) and show it at a certain part of the screen or coming down in different ways. We can just then figure out the basic building blocks of the

movements we want and bring in the visual artists to decide on what these should be - as well as the writers. An important thing will be just moving a block in a defined way so that you can tell what you're putting where. It could be "search for yellow - ctrl-c-y!" which would be a way to get a cursor on a yellow part of the screen but then the difficult thing would be intepreting a moving display and putting something in that's going to show up against a background. It should just be analyse that position in the most recent frame: for x, y being dots in the upside-down matrix of dots, keep going until you find one whose colour is yellowish. And place the cursor there. So that's just some formula to give primary colours or special combinations or patterns. And a lot of mouse based stuff, moving the mouse to position a bit of text or show how the text should move using gestures. hint - navigate using tabs Ah - it could be a firefox plugin! Using theora? And then it would need standard video effects possibilities, just copying off the main effects from some standard program and trying to mimic them using flash or svg or whatever is needed.


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Background: Ale's Box of Felt Tip Pens, 1997

Created in 1998, on a 4 track, in Glasgow. Mixed it down quickly as I only had a loan of the 4 track, but I still have the original tapes. I did artwork and demo tape layout in an MS publisher file as it was meant to be a first demo of me as a solo artist. I'll copy over this file at some point if I can dig it out.


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My name is ale fernandez and I'm a web developer by day on mostly open source languages and projects and by night an improvising musician involved in various different things here in Bristol UK where the musical scene is really vibrant.
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Then what to do if that's the case. Vase?
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